Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sisterhood...and Inspiration

Ok, so ever since I went to see the second Sisterhood movie last week with my sis-in-law I have admittedly had a bit of a hair crush on Lena. Rochelle and I sat in the back row and analyzed the fashion & hair (she is a cosmetologist) for the entire 90 some minutes. And we decided that I too could have rich dark hair and sassy bangs...If I ever get brave enough. And I don't know what would hold me back from that step. Why are some things so hard for people and so easy for others?!
Pros: It would be fun, different and in a way represent the way I feel, that I am stepping into a new phase of my life in my mid 20s, no longer being a new newlywed (ok, still relatively new), stepping in a new direction with my career. I even wore a brown & tan animal printed cardigan today & am experimenting with a bohemian braid...again Sisterhood inspired but we can thank Blake Lively for that one.
Cons...what if it doesn't turn out?! What if my bangs stick to my face when I run? Irrational thoughts as I type them b/c that is what semi-permanent and bobby pins are for right?

How can I be 25 and not quite know my style yet? I have always considered myself to be in the classic, "Jackie O" inspired category but there is something sexy about a little bit of fashionista that I sometimes reach for. My friend Christina says there are 4 types of fashion that people generally fall into:
Natural, Earthy
Athletic? (I can't remember the 4th one for sure)

What do you think? What style do you feel most like YOURSELF in? Does it vary based on your mood and what is on sale at Target? I would love to hear if you think there are other categories and where you fit....(ok, and your thoughts on my hair decision making). Can't take life too seriously right?!


  1. Okay...I have had blond hair, brown hair, red hair, even some purple hair, short hair, long hair, medium hair, no bangs and now bangs. My point is...just do it...dont think about it. Hair grows. You will never know your true style if you just sit and think about it!

  2. I think I am classic/trendy. I love the classic style, but I am always attracted to whatever is the new "it" item/style. I think you would look gorgeous with some bangs. It would make your classic style a little more edgy perhaps!

  3. thank you for your encouragement during my job search! Now it's my turn to encourage you. you can totally pull off cute, edgy bangs! It is only scary as they're cutting it, after that, you will love it. You can do it! :)

  4. My friend in small group just got bangs--SO CUTE. But you know how I feel about bangs...I've been sportin' them for like 5 years:) Go for it-what have you got to lose??