Thursday, March 26, 2009

creature of habit

I realized as I got dressed this morning, I am a creature of habit. That translates from my daily habits all the way down to the food I eat and the pieces I wear. Each season a few accessories rise up into a uniform of sorts outside of my working life wardrobe. Right now I am continuing my love for the pashmina acquired in India This one is from JcPenny but still reminds me of India either way. It has been worn 3 times already this week: once to work with a black & white jacket, once to a social event and as I sit typing with jeans & a black top. See what I mean?!

I have also been rockin the new brushed gold cuff I got last week at Forever 21 (inspiration below). Something a little funky for me but I decided to live a little. Mine has a floral design on the top & hurts my wrist proving fashion comes at a price.

I don't know what it is about habit that I enjoy so much- it can be kind of embarrassing have a favorite outfit for the season and realizing if I wear a version of it in all areas of life: work/home/out, people might think I am stuck in a rut. Not a rut I say my friends, but a seasonal habit. Come back in 3 months and you might see something new. Or you might not. Cause I might not be ready to break my habit yet.

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