Saturday, April 25, 2009

a perfect world

I have gotten into the pattern of posting my favorite worship song from church each Sunday afternoon but I am mixing things up a bit. Yes, I know it is Saturday but that is when they do church around here and even though I loved "Everything Glorious" tonight by my boy David Crowder, I feel compelled to share this video with you.

This project was created for Bethany Christian Services by local artistic entrepreneur, Andy Anderson. Yes, the same Andy Anderson who grew up in the house next store to mine all through high school. I guess that time spent involving himself in creative projects paid off.

I was so moved by the full circle created through this short film about the value of being part of the solution to a local, national and global awakening of the need for people to step in to children's lives. In whatever capacity that may mean. I have also really admired the work BCS does for many years now so in honor of their commitment, I share this with you. Warning, around minutes 6:40 and 11, tears flowed freely.

A Perfect World from Paradox Media Group on Vimeo.

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