Sunday, April 5, 2009

sunday morning lyrics

here is the favorite from this morning. How is it that I have been singing this song since what feels like forever and never connected with the lyrics in this way?

Pastor Larry is leading us through a series leading up to Easter Sunday called "Symbols to Die for" mainly taken from John. This morning we talked about Jesus as the "way". For all the moments when the world feels as if it has gone mad, Jesus tells us in John 14, "do not let your hearts be troubled." When our 401ks are failing, the news we hear feels desolate, and brokenness surrounds us, we should not be troubled and retreat to comfort.
How can we possibly make sense of this in a real world with emotions and anxiety?

For those of you who know the rest of this passage, it speaks of the fullness of life that we will have, not just eternally but now because of the Spirit in us. Like a little taste of our future home here on Earth. Jesus asks us to believe in Him and the Father in Him. He allows us to be part of His redemption of the world as the one way and the one truth. So when trouble comes, rather than running, knowing that our inheritance is in heaven, we can work to slow down and even stop brokenness through His truth.

Whoever was doing power point for this particular version of the song didn't know the lyrics perfectly. The lyric is "though the world moves like MAD (not man). haha, even so I liked the vocals on it so just know that as you watch & listen. enjoy!

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