Thursday, May 14, 2009

what I have seen

today I saw a 60 year old man, laying out in his back yard. Now I know we all enjoy a little sunshine once in a while but he was 60 and tanning himself in what would be generous to call a bathing suit. not quite a speedo but daisy dukes would probably be the proper description. yikes. oh- and let me not forget that he was doing a suduko or more likely a crossword puzzle while has reclined in his chair. yup.

and right now on my living room floor I see the new Esther book for the Beth Moore study that just started this week. and I envision some great conversations to come with a whole new group of women that I just met last night. Can I just say that I would love to be Southern so that the words "y'all" and all kinds of double negatives like "you ain't never" could be part of my vocabulary. 8 more weeks of Beth to try and soak up those phrases.

I heard about another type of visuals Tuesday night at the small group huddle @ church referred to Tuesday night as "God Sightings". Others around me are leading out with eyes that see past the temporal and sometimes it seems hard to normalize the everyday with the intense and spirit-led stuff going on amidst healing and grief and joy.

I saw my husband rejoicing Monday night after he experienced something that totally blew me out of the water. He was prayed over and experienced healing and my prayer all week has been "I do believe, help me Lord with my unbelief." (Mark 9)

What I have seen is Ryan's faith being increased, and through that, other's faith will be increased as well by what we have seen. starting with me. And then there is Rochelle who is living in such a way that is unseen in contrast to what the world views as just. I encourage you to read her thoughts today and see for yourself. All I know is, I keep seeing God show up in the hard stuff.

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  1. Again, why I love you. Its fun seeing through your eyes. And anytime you need to hear a "ya'all" or "all'ya'all"... you just come right on over :)