Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sacred space

Do you ever feel like there are windows of time that stand apart, amidst emails and phone calls and meetings and coffee dates and morning runs and oh yeah, sleep? Sorry for the run on sentence but that is how full I have packed this week pre-vaca. I knew it would be that way this week and was/continue to look forward to the rest of the week. I love multi-tasking and days that feel chaotic but more and more I am less and less enthralled by the multiple emotions that I try to balance amidst it all.

The spring was characterized by grief juxtaposed with a renewal of life both in my personal faith and my marriage. And now we are into the season of summer, with more than a change of weather, with me pursuing a creative outlet and changing the life flow a bit again. It is almost like I had that window of time, that sacred space this spring to be recharged, renewed, and ready to jump in with both feet to this next season. Sometimes in weeks like these I need to remind myself of sacred spaces and maintain the practice of keeping them during busier seasons. It can be a music-free car ride, evening walks with Ryan no matter how late I get home, and prayer (most important, easiest to stop doing).

Looking forward to a sacred space tonight that has been one of the most important of this season, my very last Esther group. Rochelle & I joined this group the week after she lost Kaden and there have been so many blessings that have come out of these Wednesday nights so I am mourning a bit that it is coming to an end. Looking for sacred spaces where I can find them today.


  1. Much like the sacred space, I have learned that even peace is something that is sought after and fought for.

  2. I appreciate this so much, Bekah... and am glad for a renewing of your heart along the way...