Monday, September 14, 2009

the hard truth

I just got home from what seemed like any other night of coffee with the girls. With one exception. Tonight they told me the good and hard truth that I needed to hear. Yes, the same girls who confronted me senior year in the bathroom, cornered me and told me I was in the wrong. And I have never felt more loved because even then, 8 years ago, I knew they cared enough to tell me the good and hard truth.

Again tonight, it was straight up; no telling me to let God and let God, which is good and Biblical advice, but sometimes we need to just call a sister out . And there it was, the truth statement. "Bekah, You just need to stop. You need to stop planning your life and trying to organize everything. It is your greatness weakness and your greatest strength." Truth, just laying out in the open and it felt so good to hear what I already knew but needed someone else to say.

Thank you to my truthful friends, who speak what they hear when we talk over my lunch hour and are ok with me talking about anxiety; when we sit over dessert and coffee at Applebees and you know where I am at so you don't beat around the bush or let me do the same, when we go for walks and you ask hard questions. Thank you. You make me know I am loved too much to let things slip by.


  1. Thanks for this encouraging post and such a GREAT reminder of how thankful we should be and how we should react when others lovingly hold us to the truth we KNOW we need to cling to!! I am thankful that God has given you such great friends and that He prepared your heart to hear what they had to say and that He was able to speak to you through them!! Thanks for the encouragement, also, to stand up for the truth and hold our friends accountable!! I think we all need the reminder that it is LOVING to hold each other accountable. I get so excited when I hear of ways that God is moving and working!! Thanks for sharing this Bekah!!

  2. Mmm, I love that you have friends like that! What a huge blessing.