Sunday, October 25, 2009

weekend run down

that's right twitter style again. I know you are wondering why I don't just get an account and give you a play by play daily. In a moment of weakness I tried to do just that but since I closed my account over 6 months ago, I am locked out. Or maybe I lucked out because I fear I may struggle with boundaries there. Here it is, for nothing more than my own personal joy:

Friday night:
-@redbox and happy I reserved The Proposal online first
-forget the frozen pizza, hubby says we are going to pick up Wolfies and somehow Starbucks Java chip ended up coming home with us too.
-in bed by 10:30 and happy to be there!

-up by 7 to get a start on the day and do my Explore the Story reading on the treadmill at the local gym
-rushed to coffee with my girlfriends from @FBHS, why do I struggle to be on time so much?! Left there to run to Meijer & then back home before the couple's baby shower
-hubby took one for the team by eating jars of baby food while blindfolded; was on standby with a big bucket while he tasted peas, squash, ham & gravy. yikes
-jam session on the way to David Crowder Band and grabbed Quizno's on the drive. Not holding to the restaurant budget too well this weekend, but at least we used coupons!
-Got to the concert early to get good seats, only to find that they are assigned...and we were in the 3rd row! Decided that when the Lord returns, I want to be at a David Crowder show singing "You are my Joy" or something of the like.

-EARLY morning to set up breakfast for the high school session that Ryan taught this morning from 8:30-noon. Was so proud of his passion for who God is and the way he is loving on high schoolers.
-took a FULL out nap in my church clothes and then realized that I had dog hair all over my new black sweater dress...but it is from Meijer so I machine washed it this afternoon
-bummed around and watched the latest episode of GLEE on Hulu.
-ended the night with youth group, hanging out with 50 of our favorite high schoolers, including a leader's skit involving a sword, a cat, a vegan, a human table & a waiter.
- a late night walk around Zeeland with the hubs and our pup, realized 1/2 mile in that my boots were not the most practical option but earned me some fall fashion points.


  1. Sounds like a fun filled weekend! Love your heart for your high school kids and your husband:) I am also really lovin Glee this season!

  2. Hi Rebekah! I've heard a lot about you from Erich - so nice to have officially met you in 'blog land'! Thanks for the sweet comment :)