Sunday, March 7, 2010

lighter things

Torn about what I can write about because I continue to struggle with the privacy I want with my family struggles right now but feeling like in the midst of them, I still have my "normal" life of going out to New Holland with friends until 10:30 on a week night (Wednesday) and having adventures with my hubby and coffee with friends. I feel a bit split in half but allow me to with that said, share some of the lighter things that are in my mind.

Like the early edition release of the Passion 2010 album that you can listen to online for free. Better believe that is on repeat on both my and Ryan's computers. Specifically #5, Christy Nockel's song Healing is in Your Hands.

And the success of 4 pairs of jeans for under $60 that were scored this weekend between Ryan and I. Let me just say that I love the ANA (a new approach) brand at JcPenney. And that 3 of the pairs belong to my husband but that he NEEDED some new pairs. I have started to become very thrilled about finding good deals and even flirting with the idea of becoming a coupon clipper. It feels a bit like revenge on the retail world and I am scared and delighted at the possibility.

My friend Jenn Webber told me about her sister-in-law who teaches people how to use coupons and I know that sounds silly but after reading the girl who teaches heart for helping families and even her global perspective, I am encouraged. To see what I mean, read her perspective. I don't what has kept me from using coupons to this point, maybe partly pride but mostly laziness.

One other thing that happened before the weekend got a bit heavy was the fact that I went to a hiking and outdoor gear store, on Friday and got fitted for some boots for Israel. I don't think I haven't written about our trip on here but Ryan and I will be going on a 2 week study/hiking tour for the first 15 days of May. As it gets closer, there is much work to be done in light of preparing ourselves physically for the time like climbing stairs a couple times a week for the next 8 weeks in our new boots. There are several organizations in West Michigan that put together trips to Israel, Turkey & Greece. So crazy as it sounds, we know more than handfuls of others that have been to Israel either as high school students or adults. Which means we have several resources to learn from as we prepare and the thing we have been told by every single person is that you cannot prepare enough physically. Last spring Stacie & I spent many a Tuesday morning climbing stairs and there was something sacred about driving to the lake when the sun was still coming up and pushing ourselves. I am looking forward to having that drive and a reason to challenge myself and even more than that, having something to focus forward on right now.


  1. Couponing is, um, addicting and so much fun. I haven't done a lot of it because I tend to start thinking that I need to buy it because I have a coupon, which of course is ludicrous. I know you already have a couponing site to check out - but here's another - she's a GR local

  2. I'm sorry I'm sooo behind but... one of my biggest dreams is to go to Israel! I can't wait to hear about your time there.