Friday, June 25, 2010

I know I should go to bed...

but tonight was way too much fun and I can't without posting a few fun pics. About 6 weeks ago, our friend Chad whom we met when we went to Passion in January asked us to Save the Date for June 24. We had no clue what would unfold but always love hanging out with Chad so were excited to hang with him for a night.

So here it is, June 24 and I got a text telling us to be at his house by 5 and to be hungry. And from 5 until now...after midnight...we had such a great night all planned by Chad. It began with an awesome home cooked meal and led to FRONT ROW SEATS at the Chris Tomlin/Toby Mac Concert tonight. Wow. He included our other friends Ryan & Naomi in his blessing and we didn't know they would be there either! He also picked up a few accessories that added to our the Kayne' shades as seen below and a throwback to our childhood with glowsticks! What a great night of improptu dance parties, worshiping & being with friends.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I'm jealous for sure - looks like you guys had a blast and got some SA-WEEEET glasses to boot!