Sunday, January 30, 2011

a shift

I have a lot on my mind lately and much of it has to do with a shift I feel taking place. Since the beginning of the year I have been processing/reading/thinking more about the transition of going from we to three in our little family and what that means for me as a wife and in the spring, as a mother.

There is so much energy around preparing not only in the physical sense as this baby swirls and kicks (most often at night when I want to sleep) but also in a deeper spiritual and emotional sense. It is hard for me to put into words but a lot of it has to do with knowing that the next season comes with the need for balancing time and creating space for us to have rest. Our rhythms are changing.

Some of what I have been filling my thoughts with are a result of the 6 week class Ryan is teaching this winter on Discipleship. It is pushing me to think how about I study, learn, and mentor others. I'm learning a lot and loving spending time each week with two women I already love in our little accountability group. It is also an awesome thing to see Ry in a place where he is sharing something he is so passionate about and I am really thankful that he gets to do this right now.

I also recieved this book on Friday

I have been aware of Ann as a writer for a little while now through her blog A Holy Experience and have always thought that she has a beautiful perspective on a full life. When I saw the cover of the book, of course the bird's nest drew me in but as I delve into it, I am finding there is so much more depth than I even anticipated. It is challenging my thoughts and heart in light of what it means to REALLY be thankful from a theological standpoint and how that flows into everyday life. It's beautiful and raw, filled with pain and with grace at the same time.

There are some online resources available because it JUST came out, like a book club where you can read the first chapter and get a taste of Ann's style. I think it will be just me and the pages as I read it but wanted to share those in case it would bless you.

At the risk of sounding ultra serious, there have also been some REALLY fun things to look forward to right now. Next weekend is our church's first ever women's retreat that we have been planning since this fall. We have two really cool speakers coming, Laura & I are sharing a room at the ultra-chic City Flats Hotel and we will get a chance to hang out with 60 other women for a day downtown Holland. Besides the sheer fact that I love conferences for the snack breaks and goody bags (just being honest). And since I got to put those two things together, I know they are pretty great.

Also looking forward to upcoming weekends with friends, showers on the horizon and anticipating the weather changing in a few short months to be able to get outside more often! We registered this weekend and picked out a jogging stroller that I will be happily rolling along in the sunshine this spring while Ryan walks Toby along side of me and the babe. I think we surprised ourselves at how well registering went compared to our wedding registry experience which left us at odds over dishes and towels. This time around we tried to just have fun with each other and be thankful that we have people in our live generous enough to merit a registry.

I feel like I am being stretched in so many ways right now but sitting down and writing it out gives so much perspective. Looking forward to a restful Sunday and a new week.

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  1. So I jumped to the chapter one segment of her book -- you're right... Wow... I better order it soon...