Friday, May 13, 2011

a year later: still learning

It was a year ago today that we were nearing the end of our time in Israel. It brings back all kinds of great emotions for me to think back to last May. To the way that those 15 days changed all kinds of things for me. My paradigm about God's story, about the history and depth of the Bible and in my own relationship with the Lord in general. I have said it before and I will say it again, I don't think one needs to go to Israel to experience God by any means but I do know that it was and continues to be a blessing in my life.

I also can't get over how much fun it was to climb each of those hills and walk the paths with Ryan next to me. Some of our best friends, Ben & Stacie, are bringing a group of college students on a similar trip in a few weeks and I simply cannot wait for them to experience the same awe and wonder over the dusty paths. As I look back in my journal from last year at this very time, I love seeing the thoughts I was thinking and the notes I was taking. I can't help but wonder how different my journal will look a year from now about all that is about to transpire.

This path has felt so unknown in many ways over the past few months, from feeling led to change our decision on which seminary Ryan will go to, to deciding to move, which led to making the decision to being a stay at home mom. The list goes on.

I DEFINITELY did not know this path ahead of time and couldn't have guessed it. But at the same time, I can't put in to words how faithful I feel like God has been to us along the way. My eternal optimism sometimes put me in a position where I just "feel" like things will work out a certain way and that hasn't happened this time. Our house is still for sale and the sign is still in the yard. My emotion was that it would sell right away and I am learning a lot about thinking realistically versus thinking based on emotions. We have had a couple of interested buyers fall through and I am learning to not get so wrapped up in them because it causes disapiontment that maybe I could protect myself from. still learning.

Meanwhile, life continues and today was a day highlighted by a shared piece of carrot cake & coffee in a french press with my dear friend Allison. Living in the small moments and taking it a day at a time.

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