Sunday, March 15, 2009

weekend update

We headed down this weekend to Chicago for a quick trip (no more than 24 hours total) that I have been looking forward to! We spent a wee bit of time with the Wheelers but tried to stretch it out by staying up late, getting up early and as Dennis put it "tweet tweet tweet"--chatting it up. Em & I spent Saturday morning running last minute errands including Trader Joe's and I just don't understand why the owners think people in West Michigan don't deserve one!

It was a blessing to be able to be part of Mandii's 1st shower in the afternoon after getting to know her better over the past year or so. It was so fun to see people she loves come around her and bless her. And let me tell you, this girl is loved~ she had friends in from Philadelphia, Tennessee, Michigan, Chicago. Part of the shower was sharing one thing about Mandii & mine was that we have been told numerous times that we look like sisters. I hope that is true because doesn't she look gorgeous?! I think she looks like she is straight off of the cover of some city boho momma magazine.

It was one of those sunshiny spring days where you just want to be outside and soak it all up. I think there are more of these to come and something about a day like this in the city makes it all right in the world.

I even won a game at the shower and earned myself a great candle from , a non-profit organization that provides training, mentoring & job placement for at-risk young women.
Here's Em & I soaking up the sun and enjoying the weekend together in our coincidentally coordinating outfits.

...while we were doing all that...the boys were doing this:

Not literally pouring the green in, but adventuring the festivities of St. Patty's Day downtown. We met up after the shower for a quick bite & brew at Cleo's and we were on our way back home. Speaking of all things green, St. Patty's day marks 3 years in our house; a story I will share later this week!

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  1. Aww Bekah! Thank you so much for being there this weekend. It meant so much to me that you guys took time out of your weekend to celebrate!! I love the photos -- the the green river looks so weird. Love you girl! You are such a blessing!