Thursday, March 12, 2009

Think Spring

This morning I saw one of those flashing signs that they have at banks displaying the time & temperature and it read the following:
THINK SPRING...19 degrees.
Does anyone else think that is funny?! That doesn't sound too springy to me. But I will tell you what does:

-Training for Riverbank Run; I have done the 5k multiple times since I was 15 and this is my first attempt at the big guy. This is the biggest race in the area for West Michiganders so you are guaranteed a training partner or 2.
-changing a few decorations around the house (including this little bowl in my picture with the new eggs) which is always my internal indicator that I am ready for a new season
-friends fake & baking for Spring Break, I haven't given in yet out but not because of my conviction, more because of cost. Interesting emotions on the vacation front for me this year because I am self-defined vacationaholic. Meaning that I LOVE to think about, talk about, research, plan, go on, take pictures of and reminisce about vacations. In fact, this time last year Ryan and I were here with Emily!
However, I am really loving all of the mini weekend getaways coming up. This weekend we are headed to Chicago for Mandii's baby shower & some QT with Dennis & Em.
Next weekend it is up north with our great friends Justin & Jamie from church to the CABIN. Ah. the Cabin. Think Northern Michigan, the woods, windows lining the side of the house facing the lake, pancake breakfasts, euchre. What could be better.

So even if 19 degrees is what I get today, I'm thinking Spring.

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