Saturday, April 18, 2009

a little TU throwback

Somehow I recently ended up on the Taylor University website and came across this list: A suggested collection of experiences to participate in as a student before graduation. Here are few of my faves:

-Dress up for Silent Night. Go ahead, go all out! Footie pajamas anyone?

-Attempt to finish the Ivanhoe's "100 Club." You have four years, 25 a year is 12 a semester with one over January. Totally do-able. I couldn't get away from the mint grasshopper long enough to engage in this one

-Eat a multi-course dinner in the DC-spend at least an hour, and talk to as many people as you can. This seemed to happen on a regular basis

-Go on a spring break vacation. Don't go home; don't stay around here. Poor Ryan, I took this one pretty seriously and went with my friends most years.

-Pull an all-nighter. If you make it through TU without pulling an all-nighter, you might be a boring person. The next one explains how this is possible.

-Make midnight runs to Wal-Mart. The lines are shorter and the best of Grant County is out on the town.

-Kidnap freshmen on your wing and take them to Steak and Shake. You won't forget it, and neither will they.

-Go to vespers. Or attend a Spiritual Renewal speaker's talk. Amen!

-Be an o-group leader. This is a great way to make an impact and also to get to know people from another class year. I can't believe they changed the name from Probe to O-groups. tradition lost in my opinion on this one.

-Play on a volleyball team over J-term. It doesn't matter if you're good, it's about fun. haha. I think I just wanted the t-shirt!

-Go on a Lighthouse trip. You'll learn more than you thought was possible in 3 weeks. Kenya 2003. enough said.

-Get a polar pop from Handy Andy. If you haven't done this before you graduate, you are spurning generations of TU tradition. don't forget breadstick Tuesdays!

-My Gen, Nostalgia Night, Airband. people spending the night outside the chapel. the chaos and the joy!

-Create your own concoction in the DC. Insert marshmallows, peanut butter, chocolate chips and the microwave here.

And remember these? Here is my own list of abbreviations that left us speaking in letters rather than words by second semester of freshman year:
DC and DC (dining and dorm versions), DTR, The Loop, TWO, TSO, PROBE, WOW, PA. What am I forgetting?

And if that wasn't enough for old times sake-- check out this site, a student directed prof-rating system. Where was this when I was spending my life in Reade & making my way through every gen. ed class known to man?!

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  1. Bekah,
    Oh what great memories these are for you!

    I remember when Jess was considering TU and came to stay with you when she visited. Taylor was certainly a great experience for her; never sorry that she chose to attend there! Can't believe it was last May that she graduated with her degree and has moved on to her REAL life / job now. Thanks for being such a good friend! :)