Friday, April 17, 2009

the happy factor

do you have things in life that make you happy "just because"? For me, it is the "life is good" brand. It seems that every time I come across their stuff, I am drawn in to picking up a mug, t-shirt or frisbee just because of a logo. But I put it back down usually. Cause I don't even really know how to throw a frisbee. that whole flick of the wrist thing is beyond me.
We only own 2 items, a travel mug & a water bottle. Must say something about our emotions towards hydration & believing that should be a happy thing. We have this guy who has traveled internationally when Ryan hiked mountains in Kenya with him:

And I have always loved this shirt since I saw it in their flagship store in Boston. Maybe if I run the Boston Marathon someday, I will buy it for myself. Which means it will probably stay right where it is:

And look- there is even something for Toby!

apparel aside, life is good. what adds to your happy factor?


  1. funny you ask this, but i was just talking about this last night--Chips & Salsa are my happy factor. They bring me happiness (not to be confused with joy) 100% of the time. Especially when I'm famished and dinner is not yet ready:) Currently, warm days where the sun floods our apt. is another factor; there is nothing like waking up to a sunny day.

  2. I have to say something small and silly that brings me a smile is a small bag or box or a small notebook - they are just so darn cute! They make me :-)