Monday, April 27, 2009

navigation for the soul

the above is the handheld GPS that accompanied me on my LONG run this weekend that took place in a different neighborhood, on different streets and by myself as we were out of town. I found myself at a few points in the run questioning my turns, and more than once wondering whether or not I was even on the right course.

I started thinking, as I often do when there is nothing else to do but put one front in of the other, of how hard it became to navigate when the paper in my hand got smudgy and I had no one to ask. See, when I am on my streets, I know where I am going and usually have someone to point it out if I am unsure.

A picture of how true that is in my own daily life course began to unfold over the miles. When I try to walk through life without knowing the Word (navigation for living) and life's next steps look a little smudgy, it becomes really hard to confidently move forward in any direction. And the picture went even a little further into thoughts about the dire need for community. Those around me can help be a part of that course, keeping me from dead ends and showing me the next turn at times.

So my question me, for you today is "What am I doing to get to know the Way and traveling that path with others?"

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  1. Great thought! I feel like a terrible friend for not knowing that you had a blog for months. It's nice to know what you are up to. Maybe eventually I will get as good as keeping up on our blog. = ) Good luck on your upcoming run.