Wednesday, April 1, 2009

on writing.

meet Allison, or Alli as I know her. Isn't she so cute? You wouldn't know it by this picture but she is due with her first little one, a BOY, in June! Lucky me, we have been friends since I transfer schools on a "whim" in 8th grade to FBS . According to her, the story goes that she asked if I wanted to sit with her on the bus on my 1st day and Miss Independent here told her "no thanks, I have homework to do." In some strange way, she was drawn to that confident 8th grade version of me...and pursued me yet.

I think I pursued her right back as many of my memories of that period of time include lip syncing every song on this album, (pre-Celine's Vegas Days)
spending countless hours playing MASH, making home videos, camping & looking for boys at the beach. She was the friend I dropped off minutes before totaling my car on the same night we found out that some friends from youth group had died in a separate accident. The friend who comforted me through my first real heartbreak (did he really dump me for a girl in fishnets?!) and the friend that told me she thought Ryan was the one because he was willing to challenge me in a way that most people wouldn't.

One poignant night this past June, over Coldstone & coffee, we sat on a bench downtown Holland and discussed our desire to minister to other women. Our giftings are so different, yet seem to compliment one another in a unique way. Would we write together someday? Would I manage the singing career that we pray would happen someday for Alli? Would we have a platform? Fast forward to this fall.

Through my short 4 month stint with the non-profit consulting firm this fall I became aware of Mentors of Ministry, an organization that exists to "encourage everyday women to live extraordinary lives." The more interaction with them I had, I was encouraged by what I learned and decided it might be interesting to bring Allison into the mix. Over coffee, (I'm sensing a theme with coffee translating into good things happening) they invited us to be part of their outreach to women in their 20s. We have begun this spring to share the everyday lives of 2 twenty-somethings who are to figure out what God is up to. I invite you to check this ministry out, not to give me props but because it is my hope that you will be encouraged to look for God in your everyday life as well.

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  1. Bekah, I love that Celine CD too! I'm on my way to check out the ministry. Thanks for keeping up on your blog!