Wednesday, April 8, 2009

st-ay-ca-tion: noun. the act of vacationing in one's hometown

On a visit to the bank Tuesday afternoon, the teller I usually work with (Darlene-she does have an identity more than my teller) said something that made me smile. Being that it is Spring Break and half of my office is somewhere sunny & warm, we were talking about vacation. And Darlene asked me if I had any trips planned this year and I couldn't think of anything at all. She said she was surprised because in the first year she met me (2008) it seemed like I was always going somewhere. And then I remembered, we are going to Wisconsin this summer! We laughed at the enthusiasm I said it with I think, at least that is why I was laughing.

It got me to thinking about how this year in fact will have a lot more "stay-cationing" taking place than any other year. A day here, a long weekend there, but nothing that includes getting on a plane, what I consider an sign of true vacation. As I think back, it may very different from the almost 4 first years of our marriage. To put it into perspective, these are the places we have lugged our suitcase since tying the knot:

Pigeon Forge, TN (together) Honeymoon!
Biloxi, MS (Ryan) Hurricane Katrina relief trip
St. Joseph, MI (together) 1st annual wine tour
Traverse City, MI (together) 1st anniversary weekend up north
Kenya (Ryan) 3 week mission trip
Orlando (Rebekah) long weekend with Emily
St. Joseph, MI (together) 2nd annual wine tour
Boston, MA (together) 2 year anniversary
Biloxi, MS (Rebekah) youth group service trip
India (Rebekah) 2 week business outreach mission trip
Arizona (together) Spring Break long weekend with Em
Union Pier, MI (together) 3rd annual wine tour with Justin & Jamie
Traverse City, MI (together) celebrating 3 years
Jacksonville, FL (Rebekah) youth group service trip

Makes me happy just thinking about it. Being as that I don't have anything on the calendar for 2009, let me live vicariously through you-- any travels near or far for 2009?! I can take it! My joy for you outweighs the green eyed monster that lurks so travel away!

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