Thursday, April 9, 2009


If you have ever experienced or been blessed by another person's giftedness, you know what an incredible thing that is. For some, it is teaching, counseling, reaching out to others; for others it is hospitality or encouragement. When you see someone using their gift it is like they are doing what they were born to do.

I have been learning more about the Holy Spirit lately through conversation and study & have started to be curious on a faith level what my gifts are. I know I have gone through a few gift analysis profiles and personality quizzes in the past, but I am not sure that I know. What I do know is that is that when I am acting out my faith in ways that feels like through the power of the Holy Spirit in everyday life, it's good. And when it's good, there is temptation to give me credit for doing things. Just being honest with human nature. I had a friend recently put it to me this way "worry less about your gift blessing others and more about glorifying God and pointing people to Him."

Bottom line, it's not about me. I read this blog a few days ago and was really encouraged by her thoughts. It affirmed even more that even the tangible gifts we hold dear (people we love, relationships, community) should be lived with Hands open and even more importantly, pointing the credit to God.

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