Thursday, May 7, 2009

overwhelmed by the body

I can't put into words right now the overflow of emotions cramming their way into my heart on a daily basis. There is so much beauty and so much pain, all vying for such a small space. My heart is stretching and growing from the love I feel for Kaden, to the unity that is taking place within our family, to the tears that flow and the outpouring of love in response.
The thing that is blowing me out of the water is the response for Rochelle & Steve from our church family and their friends. You know, even the night that they lost Kaden, Rochelle was already praising God for the family that they are surrounded by beyond those related, our church. It has been incredible the amount of phone calls, cards, emails, facebook messages, meals, that have already been brought. The hearts of friends are being turned so openly towards them and for that I am beyond thankful.

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  1. It is a blessing to sit back, watch, be blessed, and be surrounded by the Body of Christ at work, my friend. I am glad that in all of your grief, in the places of their living room, your chair, their couch, your car... that you are able to see the movement of the Spirit and to hear it in people's words and to know it in Rochelle's faith. And may you also know that His Body is broken too, and he walks with you.