Friday, May 1, 2009

People by Numbers

no, not paint by numbers; you read right...people by numbers. I absolutely love personality analysis exercises, insight into how people think and realizing just how different we all truly are. I guess you could say that BA in Psychology really jump started the engine on this one. That and marriage which may well be the best way to learn just how different 2 people can be.

I recently became aware of a new resource; new to me that is, not new in general. It is the Enneagram which assigns personalities on a wheel from 1 to 9. A side note bout the the wheel is that it does not operate on a continuum so you won't find that identifiers of any one characteristic will increase as you go around the circle. Each number is distinct and separate, the wheel is simply a way to organize the information.

According to the Enneagram Institute, I am a 2. I like reading the positives about myself as a 2, like how I am empathetic, warm, and sincere. It gets a little harder when it gets into the downfalls of 2s; pride, fear of worthlessness, working to win other's affection. And then there is my 8 husband although the last time I referred to him as such, he felt compelled to inform me that he is man, not a number. Guess I can only take it so far.

Because it really has been so helpful for me, I challenge you to go nuts for numbers and check it out. Let me know what you find out about you!


  1. As an 8, I felt compelled to tell you that I was not a number.

  2. Just saw this...I am a nine and a 2. Interesting to me. I definitely see both to a LARGE degree. I love these tests so thanks for sharing.