Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the rules of recycling

so last night BrieAnna met me at our house to carpool to our Monday night group and my recycling was proudly displayed at the end of the driveway. And as I backed the car out cautious as not to knock my carefully stacked cartons, bags, papers, boxes she began to giggle. Between breaths, I learned that I cannot in fact mix my wax covered boxes and cartons with the purest of plastics 1-7 and other sanctioned pieces.

Wow. I never knew plastic had numbers and I sure didn't realize what how much I have to learn when it comes to recycling. I'm willing to learn though and in our fits of silliness, this little rhyme came to us...

When in doubt, throw it out
When it can be reused, recycling we choose.

I bet if our drive to Michelle's house was a little further, she would have had a few more verses and a tune to belt out for me. She's good. Really good. She's the only friend I have who has their own musician page on myspace!

I just had to post a pic of her because she so bravely cut her hair way shorter as an act of freedom and expression & I love it!

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