Thursday, May 21, 2009

fits of giggles

Last night Ryan and I attended my little brother Austin's 6th grade graduation from ACT, a program that he has been in since 3rd grade. In fact, the boys had to remind me that I was the only one who didn't quite pass the test to get into this program. But sweet Austin says it is only because I am a bad tester.
Picture AP classes for elementary school kids and add in adventures, experiments, lego robotics, origami, creativity with no end, there you have ACT. And this was no ordinary graduation- there were skits, raps, poems and essays. and I loved every second of it.

These kids are brilliant and creative and uninhibited. I think that is the part that overjoyed me, their willingness to express themselves without shame. There was the part where they shared their posters about being able to change their world and the environment and things like "there are cooler ways to die than smoking" and my FAVORITE, "don't be trashy, recycle" said with 'tude. I thought I may have a little giggle fit in my seat.

I want to have that much fun, to express myself in FULL COLOR. Here is another little set of giggles from my older younger brother (make sense? the older of the 2). He has an appreciation for wit as well.

from waldo henry
i would say ‘legooo?’ instead of ‘hello?’
haaa nice, very nice

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