Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tuesdays and thursdays

I think I am starting to understand that every one's weekly experience feels different, based on what their current routine looks like. I know this has been true for my life over the past year. As I grocery shopped this morning, on a Tuesday, I thought back about how a year ago, I could do the same but it was because I had ALL of my time to myself. And as wonderful and peaceful as that sounds like from the outside, there is value to having places to be and productive things to do. Not that checking facebook 14 times a day and frequenting coffee shops don't have a place, they certainly do but they are not a fulfilling full-time non-job.

For me, there are emotions that go with certain days of the week in this season. Wednesdays look like good beginnings with our staff prayer meeting at 8 am and good endings with Bible Study at 7 pm with work in between. Friday nights after work make me want to roll my windows down and fire up the grill. And for awhile now, Saturday mornings have been sure to include a long run if possible.

And now there are Tuesdays and Thursdays which never really had any significance before but in the month of June have risen to the top as a unique thing in and of themselves. We are soon closing a major chapter of our lives as Ryan and I have been praying about and working towards his transition out of the business world and into life as a full-time student. Starting with bringing his work schedule down to Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the month of June. Which just happen to be my days off as well. The first Tuesday was kind of weird, cause I already have my own Tuesday/Thursday routine, and we weren't sure if we should do our own thing or keep crossing paths. It kinda seemed like we kept getting in each other's way and neither of us found the day very productive. But as the month has gone on, there is a little smile in my heart on these days, going along doing our own thing but having the same pace as we do.

In a few short days we enter July where all of Ryan's days on the same plane, working towards school, starting his internship with our church for 8-10 hours, and stepping away (for now) from life as a business owner. As the days melt into weeks, into months, into years, I am so excited for the days ahead, to learn new routines together, to enjoy the space we have on the quiet mornings to drink coffee and maybe sneak another episode of Arrested Development in there before we officially start our days.

I just had to include this pic of Ryan on one of our recent afternoon adventures.


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  2. Man, that guy has some sweet sunglasses!

  3. I had fun with you today!! Thanks for all your help on the blog stuff!!