Saturday, July 26, 2008

headed back to the workforce

I can't help but be aware of the fact that this is my last Saturday before I return to the world of professionals, pantyhose & paid lunches. The third is a perk, the second I could do without. I have been reflective, potentially over analytical of my life for the past year or so and have come up, out, or on the other side I believe.
These 8 weeks have been incredibly interesting and so much fuller than I would have hoped. I don't know that dread was the emotion I felt but more a fear of the unknown and frankly what I would do with all of my time. In honor of my relective self, here are some of the things that have risen to the top:

I started this journey believing I was looking for one thing and found myself realizing through events & conversations that I was looking for another. It wasn't the business world I was looking to break up with, it was the population that I was exposed to that would change.

An absolute conviction that a financial advising firm was exactly where God had this BA Psych grad after TU. Talk about worldview 101, I had assumptions about the world of wealthly and their lifestyles that were completely blown out of the water. What they were replaced with is an increasing passion towards stewardship and a humbling need to understand the way that God's economics work, even in the earthtly realm.

My husband is more gracious and giving than I ever can see myself being and three words he gave me, "I trust you" blessed me to explore what was ahead.

Confidence, in who I am and the experiences I have had. The conversations that were shared with different organizations and through interviews gave me insight as to where my gifts do, AND DON'T fit.

Appreciation for our home and how comfortable it was for me to spend time here & continue to make it my own. An offshoot of that one is credit to my mom for bringing me into her Friday morning tradition of thrifting. I have multiple 25 cent knicknacks as proof of that one.

More to come...


  1. what exciting things that God has been teaching you, can't wait to hear more!

  2. I tagged you on my blog to answer some it if you find the time:) Love you!