Monday, July 21, 2008

what a week!

we worked. we played. we surfed! and my best friend got engaged...

This past week with the high school students was such a blast. I am always blown away by how hard they work and what in turn gets accomplished. There were 31 of us total that cruised down last Sunday in a charter bus and after 21 hours in our chariot, I was ready for some Florida air in a major way. Monday through Thursday were pretty similiar in that we worked from 8-3 painting, building, cleaning up landscaping usually to a soundtrack of Rhianna, Britney and alot of gangstas that I don't know. Good times. One of the major highlights of the week for me was having Leah along as a sidekick as we co-lead the 8 girls on the trip. It was really fun to see the way our personalities brought out the craziness in one another and how we bonded with the girls.
After our days working we hit up Jacksonville beach armed with our boards and practiced getting up on the board while trying to stay clothed. It seemed like every wave one of us almost lost our top or had a major wedgie which was another source of entertainment for us and made it hard to modestly ride a wave. Our fearless leader Greg used to live in the area so he knew all of the good surf joints and hooked us up with great dinners every night after our nature filled showers. Dinner was always my favorite part of the day, and not just because of the awesome burritos and HUGE diet cokes but because we all shared our stories from the day and I laughed outloud alot. Why don't I have this much fun in my everyday life? I always come away from these weeks with a renewed sense of how much I need laughter and unadulterated JOY!

And then, if that wasn't enough, Ryan and I had the opportunity to share a really special day with our dear friends Emily and Dennis. When Dennis had called to let me know his proposal plans and hopes that we might share in their celebration I had already planned to be in Florida. But my husband, knowing me, knew how much it meant to me that I find a way to be there with him for this event. So after a few days of pouting, he agreed to let me fly home. Which saved me from another LONG bus ride and put me right where I wanted to be.

It has been so fun watching these two grow over the past few years from being great friends into a wonderful God fearing couple. My heart is filled with gladness that God brought someone as wonderful into Emily's life as Dennis. I still have memories of Emily lying on the floor in our off campus house senior year, talking to Dennis and us using our analyzing skills post-conversation. No more analyzing (and there hasn't been for quite some time now). It was a wonderful day sharing time with both of their families, feeling like we are part of Emily's and getting to know Dennis's fam. We can't wait for your wedding you guys!!

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