Tuesday, July 14, 2009

some small town love

On days like this I just love living in a small town and am so contended to live here forever and ever and ever. I started the day with a brisk walk around the neighborhood early this morning, before coffee pots are started and people start shuffling around in their slippers. And I always feel like I have a great little secret world to myself when the streets are empty and quiet.

Tonight I walked around a few blocks with a friend and was reminded of how much of a detail person I am. I listened and talked but my mind's eye notices the new little flower beds planted, the new porch swings and the houses being rehabbed that are beginning to take shape. Maybe it isn't normal to have favorite houses, several in fact, in your own neighborhood but I love the character and charm of so many of these homes. So today, I am small town happy. As we like to say around here, I am "feelin the zeel".

1 comment:

  1. this is precious. I love that you notice the details, too, and remark on things that are special :)