Sunday, August 2, 2009

back to blogging

I am allowing myself until tomorrow morning to end my vacation, regardless of the fact that we got home last night. I decided that it goes on and until Monday morning I am allowed to do whatever I want. So there.

I so completely disconnected that I am having a hard time plugging back into reality, so I am trying to do it with caution, knowing that that complete disconnect was so healthy and much needed. I was starting to think that the internal calendar always running through my mind and chaos and sayings like "blessed and stressed" were good mantras to carry around. I needed to step away from blogging and facebooking and phone calls and schedules only to realize that the cadence of my life is mine to determine.

So for a week, it was nothing but days that flowed freely into one another, full of adventure and laziness and laughter and GOOD FOOD. lots of that. I will share more about it this week but wanted to share a few pics of the pit stop we made on the way to Lake Geneva. I saw a sign for the Jelly Belly factory & Erich, Al & Ryan were kind enough to humor me and follow it. We were all pleasantly surprised to find sugar heaven, with every flavor of Jelly Belly and candy you could think of. Almost like Willy Wonka goes Jelly Belly. Here are a few pics before we drifted into sugar induced comas: