Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend update

The adventures keep on keepin on and as much as I love summer, I can officially say that my inner homebody self is screaming out for some more time around Zeeland, especially on the weekends.

We are still really loving having Russell around; he is such a great kid and brings alot of life to our house. He got to join us in an annual family tradition...Danish Festival! For the past 26 years I have not missed it once, and my family has been literally sitting on the same corner to watch this parade for the 45 years that it has existed. I asked Russell what he thought since it was his first time and without missing a beat he said "those Danes are really something."

Here are a few pics of the day @ the parade and then our annual family party afterwards to celebrate my parent's birthdays which are both in late August.

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  1. Yay, we go to the Danish Festival every year too. My family lived there until I was 8 months old, so they go see a bunch of people I don't remember! Hope you had a great time!