Sunday, August 23, 2009

finding constants

I look around my house this morning as we get ready to leave for church and instead of the seeing the disarray of the past 4 days and leftovers, pops cans and just plain stuff, I am choosing to see the adventures we had. And for someone like me, that takes some effort.

In my mind, I live my life most happily when everything has a place. But I am realizing that I can live happily without everything being in that place at every second. Or atleast I am trying to realize that. Ryan's 16 year old brother is staying with us for the week and we are creating all kinds of adventures and memories with him because he really doesn't have freedom at home to be a kid. So instead of doing dishes, we are taking walks and having cookouts and staying up late watching movies. And I am trying hard to be present. I would hate to think I missed out on life because I had to wash my comforter, I mean, really.


  1. A great perspective to have... carpe diem!!

  2. I have to remind myself about that A LOT! What memories are going to matter when I am 80? That my sink was rarely ever empty or that I can say that I truly enjoyed time with my family & friends!