Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blueberry shortcake for breakfast

this morning when I woke up and started to make my regular breakfast of oatmeal & 2 eggs, sunny side up. Everything was already cooking away when I noticed the last piece of angel food cake sitting quietly on the counter and in a split second, the regularity of oatmeal was pushed to the side & out came the cool whip & blueberries.

I know it is just breakfast but it felt like a decision to live in the day, to enjoy the small things and to stop thinking so hard all of the time. Here is to a blueberry shortcake day with cool whip on top!


  1. This is so you, and I love it.

  2. haha - Yes, you are right! It was Tip Toes! I loved it!
    A person could spend way too much time and $ in there! We found another outfit that is just adorable. I'm sure I'll have it in pictures soon. There will be no mistaking it. : )

    Next time we are in the area, maybe Beth and I could meet up with you! That would be so fun to see each other!

    Sounds like you had a yummy start to your day...