Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the joy of a skyline

I started my morning early today. And those who know me know that is a good thing. But on these rainy and dark mornings, even I, O’lover of morning have to admit that it is stinkin’ hard to get myself rolling. As I drove the 20 minutes to meet a friend for breakfast on the other side of town, I was in the morning zone, concentrated on getting there and anticipating caffeine.

We enjoyed our time together and had a good opportunity to connect, which I am finding in relationships is worth getting up early for, or squeezing in a 30 minute walk, because people are BUSY. Another topic for another day. To my point though; as I drove towards work on the highway, the way I used to take into work when I was living at home in those brief months between college and marriage, I remembered what I loved about that commute. If you hit it just right, there is a beautiful dawning taking place as the sun begins to rise and even the hills and industrial skyline of little old Zeeland sparkle.

I can’t describe why it was so beautiful to me this morning but it felt like a little shot of joy plugged into the day, even before 8 a.m. I arrived at work, humored by God and the way that He surprises me with his beauty in our lives, if we only look for it. So today, even in the skyline there was joy to be had.

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  1. The orange/pink sunset was also splendid. Creation truly shouts His name.