Friday, October 16, 2009

thoughts from today

Today was one of the most focused days that I have had in I dare say a long time. My head is quite regularly full of thoughts flowing in and out like rivers, which leads to sticky notes and action items and reminders. Today was marked out for something different and my mind and my heart were able to put a halt on the influx of information for the occasion. We had a staff retreat off site and it felt so good to sit with the team and intentionally process the vision and calling God has for us, in our work and in our own individual walks. The day also included some great coffee and delicious Italian food from here. which never hurts.Lucky me that I get to be with these people 3 days a week:

PS: there is the most gorgeous red tree with fire red leaves on my drive to work that reminds me of a chapter in Cold Tangerines (my standing favorite book by Shauna Niequist) that you can indulge in at this site

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