Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was reading an article online that discussed Hope College & campus slang from current day back to 50 years ago and it cracked me up. I have to agree that part of campus life comes new verbage and some of the
things that I remember from our days at TU were that everything was “random” and people who were really great were deemed “quality” by our definition. Anyone else, any other throwback terminology you want to get nostalgic about?

One of the terms they listed in the Holland Sentinel article was “Recessionista”

A Recessionista is a fashionista who clips coupons; she looks good but she got it on sale. love it. That is my shopping mantra this fall on a new and improved budget to incorporate tuition into our cash flow. Here is what this Recessionista is loving this fall.

Scarves- again, really? Yes! I just can't seem to stay away from them and have already started obsessively wearing my orange scarf from last year' trip to India because it is all things fall and makes me happy.

Bubble Rings! My sister-in-law Rochelle is so talented and this is her latest creation. Check out more of her jewelry here (or on me because she lets me be a walking sales girl for her goods.

Dark nail polish-which my friend Michelle pulls off really well and I think I may have to indulge in it soon. Here it is on Fergie Ferg- she is a fashionista and I seem to continue to be drawn into the beats of Black Eyed Peas again this fall. Heard his rendition of their latest last night and the song will never be the same.


  1. I loved this post... fun to read and I want to be a recessionista!

  2. there is definately a Target add that uses the a phrase like this... I don't remember if its frugiliasta or something, but it made me think of this post :)

  3. Oh boy...I love that you referenced Britton's version of this song. But, it's true, you will probably never hear it the same way again. Love you, friend!

  4. Hi my name is Rochelle and I am a "Recessionista" it was hidden in me the whole time, and now I am saying it loud and proud. lol I Love scarves in all colors and designs!! Thank you for being my sales girl ;) Love ya xo