Monday, November 9, 2009

blessed assurance

We recieved the news this morning that Ryan's grandpa is no longer suffering but is face to face with his Jesus. I am so thankful I went to see him Friday night and tell him how thankful I am for the role that he played in my husband's life. How Ryan couldn't have made it through those dark times without him, how his Godly example of love and care for Grandma inspires our marriage, how I love that I got to know him while Ryan and I were dating. He always called me the "girl who loved trees" because he claimed that I could go into a forest and make friends with even the trees. Half of him expected him to call me that Friday night, even though he was no longer able to speak much.

The lyrics to "Blessed Assurance" are running through my mind as I think about the amazing transformation Grandpa's earthly body recieved as he entered the presence of his Lord. No more pain, no more suffering, just lost in His love. I will never understand the ugliness of Alzheimer's and why it is part of so many families' journey here on earth. So this morning I stand in the blessed assurance that life here is just so short and temporary and there is something so much better waiting for us.

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  1. Oh Bekah...I'm so sorry to hear this, but am rejoicing with you that he is no longer suffering. Please keep me posted on visitation/memorial service details. Love you.