Friday, November 6, 2009

it's friday!

and I'm up early! so here are a few things to celebrate and one to pray for:
-we got our family pictures taken on Sunday and I have my proofs already! (note above). Why didn't we do this sooner? I can now replace the pictures that have been in frames for 2 years.
-my dog seems to know it is cold sometimes in this old house and has decided that cuddling at my feet is the perfect place to be, I agree.
-headed tomorrow with Ry and some other youth group leaders to the Lead Now conference for the day on the East side to see Donald Miller, Francis Chan, Matt Chandler on the big screen as a church there is doing a simulcast of this conference:

Did I ever menion how much I love conferences? Truly love them. The organization of them, the coffee breaks, the sessions, taking notes. I'm there.

I also have a prayer request to share as we navigate the next few weeks. Ryan's grandpa who was the best man in our wedding has since been struggling with Alzheimers and things are moving quicker than we thought they would in the last few weeks. If i can boldly ask you to pray for peace in this situation for our family, that would be much appreciated. I am honored that I got a chance to know Grandpa so well while we were dating and know that he has served such a full life ministering to his family and others around him.


  1. LOVE the new pic! Praying for Grandpa and you in the days ahead.

  2. Your family pic is awesome....where's the pup? Second, so sorry to hear about grandpa... so sad.

  3. Love the new family picture. I think the clothes you picked out work great.