Tuesday, December 29, 2009

this is my friend...

You remember her...the one who so lovingly met with me for coffee every other week to hear about my woes and throes of changing a career and returning to the same one. Many a latte on that topic. The one who inspires with her love for words and beautiful things in daily life like napkins, and journals, and planning teas. The one who loves Michigan lake towns as much as I do and could spend a day being charmed by Petoskey or Saugatuck or St. Joe any day of the week.

And that is exactly what we did last week when she was in town for Christmas. We squeezed the whole equation of time from the fall into one long day where we had no plans but to enjoy. So after a simple brunch at my house, we made our way to JP's for hours of conversation and people sighting...including our good friend Kate, who just so happens to be one of Christina's other closest friends. And we had to document that of course:

The rest of our day was spent window shopping, laughing, reflecting and just simply enjoying being together in one of our favorite little down towns. Thank you Christina, for the life your friendship continues to give me, even now that you have followed God's call to North Carolina. so blessed.

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