Thursday, January 21, 2010

coffee snobbery

Ahh... nothing like a cup of really good coffee. Good enough that I don't need creamer or any sugar; so smooth it just slides down. I have grown to have an emotional attachment with coffee, where historically stood only a needs-based relationship, "I need to wake up, therefore, I need to drink coffee" has developed into mutual embrace. I love coffee and it makes me happy.

I thought about this on my morning run, a new "old" routine that I am trying to reinstate into my life as I attempt to shake my body into a higher metabolism. I thought about the dark whole beans from Ferris Coffee & Nut that were awaiting my return, only to be ground into submission for liquid bliss. I love that this current coffee love is also roasted and distributed locally, here in West Michigan.

Here is where the snobbery steps in. We tried to buy one of those big economy size containers of ground coffee at the grocery store, the full bodied blend with a screw on lid and really put our hearts into trying it for the sake of reducing our budget (along with shopping at Save-a-Lot, Dollar General & Aldi's, all of which have been VERY successful endeavors). But a few mornings into it, we both admitted that the generic brand brew just wasn't cutting into it. I didn't mean to become a coffee snob, a "mean girl" in the beverage world. It just happened and I don't want to go back.


  1. My Ryan LOOOOVES Ferris coffee! He is for sure a coffee snob (and quite proud of it). I don't drink it at all... just never started.

    Next time you're in GR, we should meet at Ferris and I'll have some hot chocolate!

  2. this is absolutely adorable :) it makes me smile! I am all about good coffee, and love that you take it in too! Enjoy a cup for me this morning!