Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i want to light candles

My brother got me these beautiful chocolate brown pine cone candles from Pottery Barn for Christmas. Pottery Barn, the place I always want to walk through just to run my hands over the beautiful fabrics and pick up the candles and dream about how I would fill the shadow boxes. But what usually happens is that I walk out empty handed, feeling a little bit covetous. Truth.

So when I found the perfect place for them, one on my bookshelf and one on the side table next to the chaise where I do most of my reading & writing, I had a decision to make. To light or not to light. And I decided that even though these perfectly crafted little pine cones could stay in tact unlit, they are to be enjoyed and not hoarded. To enjoy things like candles and creativity and even deeper, relationships, and trust, sometimes I have to throw perfection out the window and simply allow things to be fluid and even messy.

I want to light candles and enjoy their warmth, smiling as I think about what a personal gift they were and how much more I will enjoy them lit.


  1. I literally have fought that battle to light or not to light so many times. I have a bad feeling every time I leave Pottery Barn (almost always empty handed).:)

  2. I personally saw the candle and couldn't believe she lit it. I was so proud!