Thursday, January 14, 2010

my resolve: to do the hard things

So here is my version of this new year's resolution. I want to do the hard things. These things are not large and grand like training for an Ironman or reading a book a week (truly hard things). I mean things like going to bed at a decent hour and calling friends to connect when I start to hermit myself. Things like letting my counter stack up with a mess of items in order to sit down with my hubby and truly LISTEN to what he has to say to me and prioritizing reading my Bible over updating my blog. Somehow the "easy" things become the hard things to me and rather than make big steps, I am choosing to make little steps towards my resolve.

I am also resolving to NOT run the Riverbank Run again because I believe that life long goal was achieved in 2009 and my knees have asked me to not put that on the list again. Speaking of the hard things, it is now 11:11 p.m. and here is my chance to put the plan into action.

I WILL be carving out some time this weekend however to sit down and write the "Passion" post to share some of the things that God really impressed upon me in our time in Atlanta last week. Including some incredible music that I have never been exposed to before like Christy Nockels...where have I been?! Here is a little something until then...


  1. love it Becca! Those are hard things to do in our world but how much more rewarding it is to sit with friends and family then organize bills that will still be there tomorrow. You are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing new music, I'm always looking for some.

  2. Yes! I am resolving to do the "hard" things, too. Thanks for sharing - this encouraged me. :)

  3. So true! It is hardest to be consistent in the small decisions we constantly make. And why is it sooo hard to go to bed even when your body is aching for sleep?? Must by leftover determination from childhood...anything is better than going to bed. = )