Tuesday, February 2, 2010

loving lately.

man. I am loving Hillsong's music lately. The places it takes me and the lyrics that seem to just get it. Here is a little piece of what I mean with my current fave:

Other Pandora stations in rotation include:
missy higgins
Regina Spektor
Natasha Bedingfield
Sara Bareilles

I have to confess, I am also continuing to love birds. Not robins and blue jays but pieces inspired by nature like hooks

and jewelry

and love birds just in time for Valentine's Day

what are you loving lately?


  1. Hey Bekah, If you love birds right now, you should check out my dad's blog. He takes pictures of the birds in his backyard - and they're really really awesome. I'm planning to print off a bunch of his bird pics and put them in little frames.


    See you Saturday!

  2. Bekah - I recently bought this bird trivet from terrain: http://shopterrain.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ST&Product_Code=HOUS-FIEL-05-001001&Category_Code=HOUS-FIEL I love it! And I love you and your blog!