Wednesday, February 3, 2010

me and my W2(s)

boy oh boy. Nothing like multiple tax forms to remind me of the events of the past year in my professional life. I had my job @ the non-profit consulting firm that I loved and lost within 3 short months due to economic strain, got this job the same day I lost that one, was rehired at the company that I quit 8 months earlier, starting selling Uppercase Living & accepted the position as the High School Youth Group assistant at our church. Which is where we land now; with me working a total of 5 days between 3 part-time jobs.

Let me do some calculations. 5 jobs in one year. No wonder if felt a bit rocky at times. If I were a CPA, I would hate me. Maybe even judge me due to my heavy paperwork as someone who is a chronic floater, discontent or a restless employee. I don't feel like that girl anymore, although I can definitely say that this is not what I had in mind for the trail on my resume. I guess some things cannot be easy judged by the trail left behind but have to be understood through experiencing them. I also know through this time I have had some incredibly patient friends who continued to push me to look for answers, to sort through discontentment rather than stuff it and to ultimately look for and realize my worth outside my work.

And the good thing is that I still really LIKE working. I have a healthy appetite to learn new things in the roles that I am in and continue to find that what I put in, I get out. So here's to a year of less tax forms and keeping things constant. sounds like a plan to me.

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  1. It may look like quite the resume trail, but it was God's plan for you to take the journey. Who know what he has planned for next year :)