Sunday, February 28, 2010


Lots of interesting firsts in the past few days. My first visit to "cash4gold" and and my first cooking demo...

Life continues as usual with my processing life stuff and ups and downs and maybe I will write more about that in coming days, but for now, I'm focusing on the carefreeness of the past 3 days. Like the lunch date that Amber & I had @ Real Food Cafe (A-MAZING quesadillas with chicken & artichokes and feta) and then jumping in her car to hit up Cash 4 Gold. Oh yes we did. You can read about the rest of our adventure here as told by Amber.

Yesterday, Michelle & I headed down to 2 antique shops on a mission. Project update the spare bedroom began @ Blue Star Antique Pavilion and about 3 booths in we hit the jackpot. The thing I love about spending time with Michelle is that we chat and tell stories and update each other on life, going from serious to carefree within a moment's notice.

A few weeks ago after the swap, we started talking about a vision for her & Britton's guest room which gets quite a bit of use since both of their families are from out of town. It has been nicely furbished to this point with pieces they already own, a nice bed, a side table, a mirror, the necessities. So we weren't starting from bare bones but knew that we wanted to take it in a whole new direction. So when we came across 2 nice side tables, 3 frames made out of old trim and a shabby chic shutter to serve as a headboard, it was a package deal.

This was the point in which Michelle knew I would write about our finds:

We'll take it! And it pays to ask about discounts because we found out that you can get 10% off most things at these types of antique malls.

From there we entered our destination into the GPS & headed to something I was really looking forward to. Jodi Michelle's cooking demo! Jodi & I first met probably 2 or so years ago when our husbands' business were both in the same building and have not had a lot of opportunities to get to know one another since then but I jumped at the chance to check out her cooking demo. Plus the menu sounded delicious and she hooked us up with some of these from the etsy shop "Kitchen Stories" :

It was a wonderful afternoon and I loved being in such a comfortable home with other women, some of which I knew, some that I didn't. We shared cooking tips, asked questions and learned a lot about the art of cooking salmon, how to make a delicious curry dip and the cake. oh the cake. I loved reading Jodi's perspective on the day (I think you will too) and am looking forward to recreating some of the recipes again soon!

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  1. Thanks for spending your day with me and lending your creative/decorative advice!