Tuesday, March 30, 2010


confession #1 today I am cleaning my shower for the first time in a long time. It's so bad that I won't tell you how long.

confession #2 I wait in long grocery lines to read magazines

confession #3 I want a mini van something fierce. yes. it's true. but Ryan says not until we have multiple children and with only a dog so far, I think I have to wait awhile. I learned to drive in a van and have always loved the space and comfort. No more need to justify that one, that is why it is a confession I guess.

I feel so much better. What do you need to get off your chest today?


  1. You are so cute! Enjoy tomorrow's shower in your shiny bathroom!

  2. I hauled my comforter to my friend's house last weekend to wash it when she and her husband had us over for dinner. Our apartment washer/dryer are too small, and I can't stand the laundromat. I was kind of embarrassed, but it was worth the "walk of shame" in and out of her home. ;)

  3. I actually think I would love to have twins. It's something I've wanted since a little girl. Not sure the reality would be as great and I don't share that with people...until now :)

    Love your confessions!!

  4. I really want a minivan as well, but only if Kyle is willing to give up his car so I can have my Subaru and a minivan. Pretty selfish.... confesson #1. I have only dusted my house a couple times since moving in last November. I will let you figure out what "couple" means....confession #2. :) There are plenty more....

  5. I love your confession #2 :) I used to try to hide them when I was purchasing them, but now I just flaunt it. and get REALLY excited when someone lost weight or GASP! hooked up with someone else. I give all those old ladies a little show.

  6. Ha! I love it... And have you seen the Toyota Sienna youtube videos? So funny!
    Confession #1 I think Norah's poo smells sweet!
    Confession #2 I'm avoiding quiet time with God while I can't sleep and replacing it with blog reading... so bad!
    Confession #3 (this feels good!) I need a day to detox from life but feel guilty for wanting that time away from Norah and David... not sure how I could get since I'm nursing.
    Hmmm... those weren't as interesting as yours!

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  8. Confession #1 is that I'm following the Detroit Tigers this year because I need to find some more ways to have "fun." I'm too intense, but confession #2 is that I love that about myself as well. I'm not going to "waste my life."

    There I go again...back to #1 and repeat!