Saturday, March 13, 2010

a new take on mornings

I love mornings. Why? Because they are MINE. Now before we start addressing what sounds like a control issue with the a.m. hours, allow me to explain. I used to love both mornings and evenings but the scale has tipped to the early hours because of the quiet and calm they provide.

There are no phone calls before a certain hour, no places you are expected to be and the time is all yours to do with it what you please. Which for me is shuffling around the kitchen in my pjs, emptying the dishwasher and making myself eggs. Sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. Whatever I want to do.

I have found that if I start my morning right, the rest of my day just feels better. As I think about, the beginning of my affection goes back to my high school days. Writing in the margins of this Bible: (did anyone else have the Teen Study Bible?!--very popular in the late 90's):

I also secretly love day trips when you have to meet early because it always merits a stop for a latte and early morning music and conversation. Or just quiet if the other people are not so into mornings as you are, insert hubby into that category. I may not have convinced you yet but thought I owed to mornings to give it a try.

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  1. Ah, Bekah, I love your love for mornings! :) It's inspiring. I have lately grown to enjoy them more as well. And it's amazing how much more you can squeeze out of your day when you take advantage of the early hours. But then I usually can't stay up past 10 p.m...ha.