Monday, March 15, 2010

state love/ all things local giveaway

I love Michigan. understatement. How many other states do you know where people know the state motto and several websites by heart?
Such as my favorites:, Pure Michigan, Great Lakes, Great Times..and the new revamped one. Smitten with the Mitten including it's own brand found over at Michigan Awesome:

I have truly come to appreciate the little lake towns and wineries and coffee shops that have become favorites in many places this side of the state. Like the Holland Peanut store where I took these girls when they visited last summer, or the little shops that we strolled through when we stayed local for spring break.

Something that I have really come to look forward to is the local farmer's market that sets up shop 2 days a week right down the street from my office. And it was there, at that very market last fall where Ryan and I discovered this:

Only the best bag of granola ever. And the people were really nice at the booth too, letting us take 2 samples of it because we came as they were closing. There is such a tasty sweetness and crunch to it that after we bought it on Saturday morning...I think it was gone by Tuesday of that week. It found its way into muffins and parfaits and I think mostly just our bare hands shoveling it into our mouths. Neither of us have confessed yet to finishing off the bag. I was at JP's the other day and there it was again. So...being the little local cheerleader that I am, I emailed the Good Life Granola people about my happiness with their granola...and they are giving a bag to you.

In turn, I want to know your favorite local places to go wherever you live. Is it a particular coffee shop that makes you feel cozy or a local market or pub around the corner? What makes you love where you live?

Share your thoughts until Friday night @ midnight because Saturday morning someone is going to wake up one step closer to a bowl of granola in their belly...


  1. My neighbor and I go out for dinner at Russ' Restuarant or Mr. Burger. We like the home cooking there and both places allow us to visit for at least 2 hours. :) We also love their cappuccinos as well! ;)

  2. I love our popcorn shop...a sweet little dime store and popcorn shop in the heart of our downtown...but the best part about it is that it is literally a hallway. You walk in a beautiful red door and enter a hallway full of candy with the popcorn smell filling it as it pops at the other end. I love it!! Loved it as a child and now love bringing my kiddos there!

  3. "At The Diner" is right down the road from our house, Chef Len cooks the best breakfast in the world...seriously.

    "Mainstreet Sweets" has the best dark chocolate seafoam.

    "Mainstreet Beanery" has great coffee and bran muffins that keep me regular :)

    "Wolfies" has the best sandwiches and wraps.

    I like Zeeland if you can't tell. Also, that bag of granola better be that stuff

  4. I love JP's :) A lot. But also Lemonjello's, Natures Market, Home and Company and THE FARMERS MARKET!!

  5. Ohhhh..this is too hard. In our current neighborhood, East Village, I love walking to Tuman's Tavern (especially in the summer months) with Dennis and sitting outside talking for hours over $3 brew. My favorite family-owned nook is the Greek Corner, and my favorite BYOB that I can dine at in PJs or heels is Bite Cafe. But you know that I could go on and on and on:) For more of my favorite neighborhood spots, you can read my Yelp reviews:)

  6. One of my favorite day adventures is to visit local wineries. Virginia is the fifth-largest wine-producing state in the US, with approximately 140 wineries and counting. And we live smack dab in the middle of them! Being the nerd that I am, I love to learn about wine. But even more, I love to sit out in the sun with my man and enjoy a glass of wine and conversation. My favorites so far have been Linden, Potomac Point, and Chateau O'Brien.

  7. Well you see i love zeeland(my home) and holland. So i would say bringing my son to zeeland bakery for a donut but also as a family we love to pick up our coffee at JPS as we walk down to the farmers market! Which i am so excited for and now i have something new to add to my list when i go!

  8. Although I live in Jenison I was raised downtown GR and there my heart will always be, SO, I LOVE Marie Catribs, Wealthy St bakery and of course Cherrie Inn!! YUMMY!!! But my top pick would be the Fulton St Farmer's market in the summer! Fresh berries, lettuce, breads, etc.

  9. What an awesome giveaway!

    Local things are all my favorite, but I'd have to say: fresh pastries from Vans, 2 veggie dogs from Yesterdog, the Fulton Street Farmer's Market, Wealthy Theater (where we were married!), the Early Bird Special at Wolfgangs, City Antiques on Fulton, Marie Catribs, the Art of the Tabl, and Phil's Stuff.

    And Schuler's Books and Music... sigh... I could go on and on and on...

    Love the Michigan Spirit!!

  10. I love to go to the Piper! There's nothing like it around Holland. It is unique and everyone is always so friendly. And, the sweet potato fries are AWESOME!!