Friday, March 19, 2010

decorating by numbers

Before I count my way through my Spring decor, let me direct your attention to all of the awesome local recommendations that everyone is sharing here in order to get one step closer to a bag of Good Life, really, read them. I promise you will get some great ideas of places near and far to visit! Feel free to add your recommendations until tomorrow night at midnight...I will post a winner Saturday morning!

Ok, on to the counting:
step 1: hang wreath

step 2: haul basket of goodies up from the basement including items obtained in the swap.

step 3 clean all surfaces--dust. no need for evidence here.

step 4 remember that you have hot rollers in...take them out and do your best Shirley Temple impression

step 5: incorporate items from the swap into current decor and create a different look from last year's Easter decor.

step 6: try Ikea table as a coffee table.

decide it is too small for the center of the room, so move it here.

and the finale, put spring duckies fondly referred to as Arnold & Cynthia out, truly marking the changing of seasons.


  1. can't wait for your decorating touches TOMORROW!! see you soon!!

  2. Love the Shirley Temple impression. My granny would be proud - Shirley Temple was her FAVORITE!!