Saturday, March 20, 2010

loving where you live

I think my pulse just picked up a little as I started writing. I always get excited/nervous to pick a winner for anything, even when I use a random method.

And I want to say before I do so that I LOVED reading about places people love and think that the list is worthwhile keeping for summer days and trips to new towns. Here were some common themes:
farmer's markets, little corner shops, places to find great gifts, wineries, corner pubs, early bird specials...the list goes on here

But more than that, almost everyone defined their favorite places with emotions and conversations and connection. Just proves that the places we love are even better with good friends and the memories that they signify. Thank you for sharing those places with ME and in turn giving me a little snapshot into your memories.

And now, before I continue to get we go... a delicious bag of Good Life Granola is going to LUCKY NUMBER 7!

Candace said...
"Well you see i love zeeland(my home) and holland. So i would say bringing my son to zeeland bakery for a donut but also as a family we love to pick up our coffee at JPS as we walk down to the farmers market! Which i am so excited for and now i have something new to add to my list when i go!"

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