Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I had a million dollars

I'd give gifts.

A stark realization this weekend...I think my love language and the love language I express towards others may vary....all you experts out there, is this even possible?!

I really feel so loved when someone does something kind for me (acts of service) yet I really enjoy giving gifts to those I love. You can take a quiz here if you want to know more about your love language.

On a deeper love, part of why I love giving gifts is that they mark celebrations. I have lots of projects in the work right now for Mother's Day gifts (to be given @ Easter because we will be gone over Mother's Day), baby gifts-- one for my friend Sarah who delivered her second daughter Avery this morning, and this past weekend it was a little housewarming gift for these two as they begin life in their beautiful new home in Chicago:

What celebration would be complete with a trip to Target, late night ice cream and a movie, worshipping together...and last but not least, a delicious brunch at Glenn's Diner?

Celebrate what you want to see more of. --Thomas J. Peters

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